Investing In Your Own Generator

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Expect the unexpected to keep your business running.

Eskom’s constant announcements at short notice that load shedding is imminent due to a severely constrained grid or unexpected maintenance come as no surprise. According to them the current infrastructure is ageing and therefore volatile and unpredictable. Lest we forget the hectic 2019 load shedding schedule we had to endure due to breakdowns at power stations and depletion of diesel and water resources. That is not the only issue Eskom had. State capture corruption had a detrimental effect on South Africa’s energy supplier and new power plants namely Kusile and Medupi were not operating. Eskom is considered one of the major players holding back our beloved country’s economic growth. In their own words:  ‘There is no guarantee when it comes to power stations’.

Another killer of our economy proves to be Covid-19. Right now the country is trying desperately to recover from months of hard lockdown. It left us with a crippling economy and will take quite some time to recover.  Businesses suffered a great deal. According to surveys up to 36% had to lay off staff and many businesses had to use other means of communication like virtual conference meetings to keep their businesses afloat. Businesses therefore cannot afford to lose more money due to power outages and load shedding.

We are not in control of the country’s power utility and the outbreak of diseases but as business owners and entrepreneurs we can control our own outcome by eliminating misfortune with ‘what ifs’. Power outages can be quite disruptive, and in worst-case scenarios, they can cost you money. What if we invest in something that can operate independently from the grid during the two and a half to four and a half hours down time during load shedding?  What if I invest in a permanent standby generator to keep my restaurant or coffee shop going during lock down? What if I invest in a permanent standby generator to keep all fresh meat and frozen products fresh during lockdown? What if I invest in a permanent standby generator in order for my online business to keep running no matter what?

Having a backup generator is crucial in these times but not all generators are the same. We at G B Electrical and Refrigeration specializes in installing and maintaining standby diesel generators for our commercial and industrial clients. A standby generator runs on natural gas / diesel and are designed to kick in automatically when the power goes out. They are hooked up to a transfer switch to eliminate power interruptions. It means that you need an experienced electrician or technician for the installation process. GB Electrical and Refrigeration has qualified Artisans to do the installations.

Should you consider investing in your own generator to keep your business running no matter what, contact us at GB Electrical and Refrigeration for a tailor made quote to fit your business’ needs.

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