Broiler Poultry Farms

Broiler Chicken Farming

Do you want to start a broiler chicken farm? Broiler poultry means big business in South Africa. Look at weddings, funerals, church gatherings – chicken is always on the menu from chicken sandwiches to roasted chicken pieces to chicken pie. South Africa’s demand for chicken has risen to more than two million tonnes per annum and is the most consumed meat in the country. What makes it so popular in less fortunate communities is the fact that it is affordable and meets the low-income consumer’s budget.

The Covid-19 virus outbreak has led to the closure of a lot of small businesses worldwide where millions of staff lost their income. The list of essential suppliers and services allowed to conduct business during the corona virus lock down in South Africa is limited. But Farmers form part of the Food Supply Businesses permitted as per  to stay in operation as part of the food supply chain. Since the supply of food will always be regarded as a necessity it could be an option for a new potential business owner to consider farming. Chicken and egg producers can supply their products through contracting, consumers, hawkers, hotels, restaurants, caterers, township B&B’s, guest houses, township chicken-outlets and cold storage distributors and others.

The size of your Broiler Poultry farming business or Chicken Hatchery will depend on the capital available and you must do some research on the best location, your target market and a few other considerations. 

Once you have put in place your business plan, other necessities and location with enough water supply, you can contact a reliable Contractor such as G B Electrical and Refrigeration to assist with the actual construction of your broiler farm. G B Electrical and Refrigeration will assist with the supply, installation and maintenance of the refrigeration and electrical equipment; regulating the temperature fluctuations; adequate ventilation; aligning the chicken housing; and lighting. 

Starting up your own business after the lock down might be just what you need. The corona outbreak has a devastating effect worldwide but one positive that came from this disaster is that many South Africans from all walks of life came together to help one another. To eliminate unfair international competition in the poultry sector, South African Farmers can decide to stand together and make a difference together. #proudlysouthafrica.

To find out more about what G B Electrical and Refrigeration can offer, contact us for a quote. We are specialists in broiler poultry

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