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We are specialist Electrical Installation Contractors

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We are specialist Refrigeration Installation Contractors

About Us

Large Chicken Hatchery Project - GB Electrical And Refrigeration

GB Electrical and Refrigeration has been providing services for more than 25 years. It is registered as an Electrical Contractor at the Department of Labour (DOL).  It is also registered as Importer and Exporter (SADC, TDC and EFTA).

We create solutions from conceptualization to execution, specializing in Industrial and Commercial Installations, repairs and maintenance. Abattoirs, Chicken Hatcheries, laying farms, broiler farms, rearing farms and more.

We are based in the Western Cape and operate throughout South Africa and the African Continent.

About Us

How Are We Different?

Experienced Professionals

We have more than 25 years expereince in Electrical and Refrigeration installations.

Quality Standards

Sourcing and installing the best quality components and equipment for all our clients.

Competitive Edge

Key contractors in business with top companies across Africa, known for our ambitious projects.

Some Of Our Projects

GB Electrical and Refrigeration - Project Eensgezind Farm Milk Stall
Eensgezind Farm Milk Stall
Groot Phesantekraal Wine Room
Groot Phesantekraal Wine Room
Berglvlei Chicken Hatchery Extensions

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